An Indonesian wild elephant's trunk is torn from the snare.

An Indonesian wild elephant's trunk is torn from the snare.

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A female Sumatran elephantโปรโมชั่น slotxocalf He died because he could not stand the venom of the wound. On Tuesday, two days after the villagers met in the forest in the condition of half torn proboscis from the snare of the hunter and sent to the wildlife conservation center in Aceh province. on the island of Sumatra in the far west of Indonesia The center's veterinarians did their best to save her.

Foreign news agencies reported from the city of Banda Aceh. Indonesia on November 18 that a 1-year-old female wild elephant cub was abandoned by a herd. After being trapped snare In the forest of Aceh Jaya in the northwest of Sumatra and villagers who go in search of forest products It was found in a critical condition. Take them to the Aceh Natural Resources Conservation Center. to perform treatment

Agus Ariento, director of the Aceh Conservation Center, said the center's veterinary team was trying their best to help the baby elephant. but it fell ill On Monday night (15 Nov) from stress. and wound infection before dying the next morning

Sumatran wild elephants It is classified as a critically endangered species due to deforestation. which is their habitat, largely on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. to expand the oil palm plantation area The dead baby elephant is one of 693 Sumatran elephants left in the wild. The number has dropped nearly 50% from about 1,300 in 2014, according to the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry and the Environment.
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